Hi! My name is Yang (short for Leah Anne, idk how). My hobbies revolve around art, literature, and independent music. I love coffee, Audrey Hepburn, memes, and inverted smileys. (: Welcome to my precious little inspiration bin!

I’ve been (over)sharing random yet nice stuff in my humble blog since 2008. But I wanted something refined and defined. I wanted to create a place for people to find inspiration — whatever the form (art, music, or text), so I created musekeeper. It is a selection of music, artists, books, and other sources of inspiration I find every day — muses, that I have curated for myself and hopefully, YOU

On featured music: They’re overviews, not reviews. I just want to share them to people who haven’t heard of them yet OR share about what I love about them if you do know about an artist/album/event that I feature. It’s more fun, trust me.

On featured books: I don’t want to spoil things for you. Instead of “reviews,” I give you meaningful reasons why you should read them BY establishing a thoughtful connection between the characters and us hooooomans.

On featured people & places: You are who (and what) you surround yourself with. The people and places featured here are special because they moved me to create.


Current muses:

(music) I appreciate most genres, in varying levels. But tune in on chirpradio.org for what I believe is awesome music. I am on air every Saturday, 9PM Central Time.

(writing) Banana Yoshimoto, Margaret Atwood, and Sylvia Plath.

(art) Aya Kato, Florence Manlik, Audrey Kawasaki, Jackson Pollock, and Adam Feibelman

**Photos have links to their sources, unless unknown or they are mine. If I missed any sources please don’t go beast-mode on me and contact me right away so I can fix it. (: